Stephanos Story - A Chef’s Journey

About Chef Stephano

Chef Stephano has injected some passion back into the local dining scene with his authentic take on Italian! From the sourcing of season fresh vegetables and locally sourced meats to crafting his dishes, Stephano wants to bring Italy to you.

Chef Stephano arrived from Italy as a young man keen to share the taste of his native Napoli with the residents of Perth.  Life has tested Stephano’s resolve as he realised that established restaurants were not ready for authentic Italian, convincing Stephano that he needed to find his own path. Stephanos Perth’s is a labour of his love and offers one of a kind dining experience.

Chef Stephano has built a reputation for different and classical Italian cooking during his last fifteen years of restaurant experience in Perth. Stephano’s Perth is set in a classic Italian village menu inspired by the authentic wholesome flavours of his home town .

Chef Stephano and his team look forward to welcoming you at the restaurant




Stephanos-Perth 24, Fairmount Street
Perth Australia ,WA 6015
Reservations Call
08 6050 9205
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